RiverPULL® : panels and bands with integrated handle (J-Profile)

Riversa Postformados La Ribera has developed a new product that adapts perfectly to the new furniture trends.

With RiverPULL, hanks to the profiled panels or bands with integrated handle (J-Profile) it is possible to manufacture doors and drawers for kitchen, bathroom and closet furniture to achieve an avant-garde aesthetic in which its functionality stands out.

The color collection consists of a white unicolor design in matte finish and six wood designs that will give any space or piece of furniture a captivating, attractive and welcoming character.

Each of the designs has a PVC edge n a similar color to the panel on the J-profile and it is also possible to use an edge with a contrasting design such as multilayer/plywood or a Nordic wood.

It should be noted that the base panel for the J-profile bands is a 22 mm thick melamine board with the same design on both sides and suitable for interior applications. It is also very easy to clean and resistant to stains and scratches. It is also very easy to clean and resistant to stains and scratches.

Thanks to RiverPULLRiversa increases its product portfolio to consolidate its position as a specialist manufacturer of components for the furniture industry and offer the market another great solution along with its other products: RiverPANEL, RiverTOP y RiverFORMING.

Further information is available at: https://riversa.net/en/catalog/