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Spectacular collection of ultra-matte designs.

20 FENIX NTM® designs, an innovative material for interior design: an intelligent surface, extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and with thermal resistance and reparability of surface micro-scratches.

10 FENIX NTM® designs with BLOOM, with a more innovative, more natural raw material. Bloom is a new core technology, for which ten new colors have been specifically developed.

The core of FENIX NTM® is composed of paper and thermosetting phenolic resins. With Bloom, lignin technology has been introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50%. Lignin is a natural polymer defined as the glue that holds wood fibers together.

With this innovation, most of the key ingredients are sourced from the same place: responsibly managed forests.


  • Available on any type of board base (particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc.).
  • Decorative high pressure laminate (HPL) on both sides.
  • Its main properties are:
    • low light reflection, extremely opaque surface.
    • thermal reparability of surface micro-scratches.
    • anti-fingerprint.
    • soft to the touch.
  • Both sides of the panel are the same color, i.e. FENIX NTM® on both sides.
  • Protective film included with FENIX NTM® logo on both sides.
  • P.V.A. glue
  • P.U.R. glue, on demand.

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