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Straight edge

Stones, woods, aluminum, cements, marbles… an almost infinite range with the most realistic designs on the market.

RiverTOP® kitchen worktops and countertops are ideal for achieving an authentic and unbeatable final result thanks to a careful selection of elegant and sophisticated finishes.

In addition to their high surface strength and long-lasting durability, they are also very easy to clean and maintain.

The straight edge allows the customer to apply the desired edge to the front of the countertop for a more avant-garde look.


  • Available in panel format on any type of board base (particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc.)
  • Also available with 19, 30 and 38 mm. thick moisture-resistant particleboard.
  • High pressure decorative laminate (H.P.L.) or continuous pressure laminate (C.P.L.), according to design, on the upper face.
  • Possibility of the same color on the lower face.
  • Protective film included on the upper face.
  • Panel dimensions: 3600 x 1400 mm. / 3050 x 1300mm. according to design.
  • P.V.A. glue
  • P.U.R. glue on demand for the highest quality requirements.

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