Panels, worktops, postforming and J profile

Collection 2022-2025

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NEW Panels and bands with integrated pull handle

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H.P.L. panels with P.V.A. or P.U.R. glue.

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H.P.L. and C.P.L. worktops up to Double Radius 1

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Postformed bands up to Radius 2

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We manufacture


We are specialists in the manufacture of components for the furniture sector and decoration.

Large stock available

Standard particleboard in thicknesses of 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30 and 38 mm.
Moisture-resistant particleboard in 18, 19, 30 and 38 mm.
CARB2 particleboard in 18 mm.
PEFC CARB2 particleboard in 19 mm.
Medium density fiberboard (MDF) in 18 mm. thickness.
Fireproof particleboards and MDF on request.
15 mm poplar plywood. Others on request (birch, etc.).
Consult the possibility of other materials.

Infinite range of designs, textures and finishes

HPL laminates (high pressure laminate).
CHPL laminates (continuous pressure laminate).
Unicolors, woods, stones, cements, oxides, ceramics, gloss, matte, silks…
Technological materials: anti-fingerprint, with thermal reparability of micro-scratches, resistant to abrasion, with antibacterial properties…

High quality glues

P.V.A. (Polyvinyl Acetate).
P.U.R. (Polyurethane Reactive).
P.V.A. Ignifuge (on demand).
P.U.R. Ignifuge (on demand).

We adapt to your measurements

From the dimensions of the most common interior doors to the most industrial sizes:

2150 x 950 mm.
2350 x 950 mm.
2350 x 1300 mm.
2440 x 1220 mm.
2800 x 1300 mm.
3050 x 1300 mm.
3600 x 1400 mm.
3600 x 1650 mm.
4200 x 1600 mm.
For any other size, please do not hesitate to contact us.