FSC®, PEFC™, CARB Phase 2

Committed to the environment.

Riversa®, a company committed to the environment, has obtained the FSC® and PEFC™ Chain of Custody certifications.

FSC® Chain of Custody certification (with license code FSC-C-149685) verifies that FSC® certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and uncontrolled material as it moves along the supply chain from forest to market Our products are available as FSC® certified only upon request and availability.

PEFC™ is the most widely implemented forest certification system in the world. The aim of PEFC™ is to ensure that the world’s forests are managed responsibly, and that their multitude of functions are protected for present and future generations. To this end, it relies on the collaboration of owners and companies in the forestry sector, who, by committing to the certification of their forests and industries, are ensuring the sustainability of the sector. PEFC™ certified products will only be available upon request and availability.

In addition to these 2 certifications and always upon request and availability, Riversa® can supply panels with CARB EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB Phase 2 certification.

In compliance with EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, formaldehyde emissions are limited to 0.05 ppm for plywood, 0.09 ppm for particleboard and 0.11 ppm for fiberboard (MDF).

Available stock

Certified panels.

Riversa® currently has the following certified panels in stock:

  • CARB2 standard particleboard 3050 x 1300 x 18 mm.
  • PEFC CARB2 standard particleboard 3050 x 1300 x 19 mm.